Library and ICT Service

The Ndolage Institute of health sciences Library offers state of the art technology, a vast collection of research and reading materials and specialized services. In keeping with the central role in the support of the core mission of the Institute, namely teaching, learning, research and community services. The Library houses more than 7,000 print and non-print volumes.

Lending Services
Any Ndolage Institute of Health Sciences staff or students may borrow library material. Lending services are currently not available for users who are not either students or staff.

The Ndolage Institute of Health Sciences library staff offer training in the use of library resources to enable clients to find information easily and speedily.

Request a Literature Search
A literature search is a reading list on a research topic. The library helps its clients to find literature relatively to their topics of interest.

Current Awareness Services
The library offers current awareness services to its clients according to their subject of interest.

Membership of the library begins with the registration for the current academic year and automatically expires after the completion of the programme.

Library Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 0800 hrs – 2000 hrs Public holidays Closed

ICT Services
The Institute has a computer lab with 30 computers all of which are connected to the internet allowing students to use them for academic purposes only.